Posted by admin on 25th November 2009

Windows 7 Icon Pack for XP

Windows 7 Icon Pack for XP by dkszone Windows 7 Icon Pack for XP

This icon pack has been built using IconTweaker. IconTweaker is a freeware and a good alternative to IconPackager, which is a paid software. In order to change your Windows XP icons using IconTweaker, you need to first download and install the program.

If you are new to IconTweaker, more details including step-by-step instructions at ([link])

This Windows 7 Icon theme includes all Windows 7 shell icons for Start Menu, Folders, Network Connections, drives, files and Desktop. It also includes beautiful and transparent Windows 7 cursors.

Title: Windows 7 Icon Pack for XP
Author: dkszone
Download: deviantART

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    that’s ok

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    i want it

  3. sally says:

    thank you

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    ..tnx for the icons.. ;)

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