Posted by admin on 15th January 2011

Windows Black Icons

Windows Black Icons Windows Black Icons

indows 7/Vista Icons in black color

Preview is not all icons over 100+ in pack

I made these because after searching everywhere I could not find a whole pack of windows icons in black. As of the moment I cannot make them into .ico format so the images are .png 256×256 res.

download is not available yet due to it not being done, and the lack of comments on earlier icons, if enough support is there I will finish and allow download… also any request to be added would be nice.

Title: Windows Black
Author: kingrabbit
Preview: deviantART

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  3. alakesh says:

    so nice, i think its awesome

  4. H3ROO7 says:

    so nice, i think its awesome

  5. virender says:

    nice click

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  7. sdfsdf says:

    nice one

  8. Manjesh says:

    i like it

  9. Manjesh says:

    manjesh like it

  10. benny says:

    that goog

  11. benny says:

    that good

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  13. ankit says:

    awesome in black……….

  14. RaDicalab says:

    I’ve been having the same problem finding black system icons…until now. Thanks tons! Awesome job!

  15. akmal says:

    yam, yam ,yam…..

  16. karthik says:

    black icons

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  18. Jithesh raj says:

    itz look gr8… need to try out..:)

  19. melva says:

    i dont know hot to get it..!

  20. nagendra says:

    i need to try it

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  23. MIstral says:

    nice !

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  25. czcore says:

    Lazy ass, do the projects and publish it, do not beg for attention over the internet!

  26. Contagion says:

    You are fucking attention whore!

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